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Houston Haitians United promotes education, advocacy, and cultural pride within the Haitian community.



Welcome to Houston Haitians United, a community organization dedicated to promoting education, advocacy, and cultural pride within the Haitian community. Our organization was founded in 2015 by a group of people with a strong desire to start a movement of change.


At Houston Haitians United, we believe that "L'Union Fait La Force," or "Unity is Strength." Our ancestors imparted this secret of success to remind us how to overcome the hardships we face. We understand that there are spirits of division that stand as obstacles to prevent this from happening, but we are dedicated to putting forth the time and effort needed to be unified by educating, promoting, and advocating for our community.


We believe that when our ancestors came together, they all had common goals: to end slavery, establish a free Republic, and make the island a haven for all those seeking freedom. Together, they accomplished this dream. Although they all had strong will and opinions, they harnessed their power by coming together as one people to fight against the common enemy. This is the lesson we must learn as students, professionals, leaders, business owners, and members of the community.


Houston Haitians United belongs to us, the Haitian people, as well as friends of Haiti. We are connected by our shared heritage as Haitians, with love for Haiti, her culture, and her history. Our organization strives to bring Haitians and friends of Haiti together through meetings and events to celebrate our culture and create lasting bonds.


Join us today and help us make an impact on our generation and future generations to come. Unity in one accord is POWER!



Our Mission


Houston Haitians United is purposed to promoting and uplifting Haitians and our culture by means of creating and providing resources for the well-being and advancement of Haitians everywhere highlighting Haitian culture through events and providing an avenue to which Haitians, Haitian Businesses and Haitian organizations can network.



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Social Justice




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Alex Okolie







BOARD of directors


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James Pierre






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Michel Jean Celestin






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Richard Alexandre






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 Nikkii Dolce




















  • Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition in Honor of Service to the community signed by Congressman Al Green, 2021
  • Certificate from Harris County in recognition of the Community Health Fair and Back to School Giveaway, 2021
  • Haitian Flag Day observation by Houston’s Haitian community from Mayor of the City of Houston, Sylvester Turner, 2019