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Uplifting the Community

Advancement of Haitians everywhere, highlighting Haitian culture through events and providing an avenue to which Haitians, Haitian businesses and Haitian organizations can network.

On September 14, 2015 at the office of HHU Legal Counsel Mac-Pierre Louis, Houston Haitians United was named and formed. Houston Haitians United was created out of the strong desire to unify all Haitians in the greater Houston area and keeping strong ties to our beloved island of Haiti!

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Welcome to Houston Haitians United

An organization started for and by the people of this community. We welcome all (including Haitians themselves and friends of Haiti), who are wanting to support our mission and vision. We aim to work in solidarity to uplift our community, promote the culture and help to prepare Haiti’s future, the youth, both here and abroad.

L’Union Fait La Force is the secret of success imparted by our ancestors to remind us how to overcome hardships we face. As easy as that sounds, we understand and know there are spirits of divisions that stand as obstacles to prevent this from happening. We believe in the mission and are dedicated to putting forth the time and effort needed to be unified, by educating, promoting and advocating for our community. When our ancestors came together, they all had common goals; which were to end slavery, establish a free Republic and make the island a haven for all those seeking freedom. Together, they accomplished this dream. Although they all had strong will and opinions, they harnessed their power by coming together as one people to fight against the common enemy. This is the lessons we must learn as students, professionals, leaders, business owners and members of the community. Although we come from different backgrounds, we must learn humility and respect so we can work together as one people to have a greater impact. We have to learn to accept each other’s imperfections because no one is perfect and these imperfections make us unique individuals. We all have learned life lessons from our journey and with these experiences, we all bring something to the table that will help influence the change we need in our community here in the states and abroad.

The journey to unite people of African descent has never been an easy one, as it is one where we must learn to overcome different mindsets in order to be the global change that will positively propel us to our destiny. This organization belongs to us, the Haitian people, as well as friends of Haiti. In 2015 we started with a group of people with a strong desire to start a movement of change. It takes selfless labor to continue the mission to elevate our culture and people in the city. We all are busy in our daily lives but a small investment of time, money or other resources can go a long way in helping to continue the community’s development. Other cultures thrive in this city because they’ve learned the importance of sticking together as a people and not letting simple disagreement amongst brother and sister detour them from the ultimate goal to unite by any means. This has resulted in representation to counter or support policies that impact them and their children. We are brothers and sisters from the same island with the blood of our ancestors flowing through our veins. Therefore, we have the ability to make another great impact in the world, one city at a time. Each of us can be described as a single thread, alone we are vulnerable, but as each of us becomes intertwined we all become an unbreakable link that can move mountains. There are many parts to the human body. No one part is more important than the other, but when moving in one accord, the body can do amazing things. This was the secret to our ancestors’ victories!

Since the founding of the organization, we have been blessed to witness and be a part of meaningful friendships, love, and lasting bonds. That would probably not have been possible, had it not been for the organization bringing Haitians and friends of Haiti together through meetings and events in our mission to help shine a light on Haiti’s beautiful culture. This is part of the vision to unite the people of the community; from all walks of life, churches, businesses, and professions. We are connected by our shared heritage as Haitians, with love for Haiti, her culture and her history. Join us today and help us make an impact on our generation and future generations to come. Unity in one accord is POWER!